Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Swedes

I'm trying really hard to become a Swedophile. And I think I have a lot going for me besides my recent Swedish book kick. I come from a family of devout Volvo drivers and I've thrown up in two separate IKEAs. But I might be facing a setback because I didn't like The Girl Who Played With Fire all that much. The reservations I had about the first book in the series were magnified by the fact that the entire plot of this one is devoted to revealing backstory about the main character and setting up the starting point for the third and final book that's still to come. Not that these would be bad things if there was something else going on too, or if the twist that's revealed wasn't something I predicted early on. So disappointing...but I'll still read the last book in the series when it comes out, just to complete the circle.

On another note, I've been wanting to give this blog a little facelift for a while. First I thought I would do a new year, new look kind of thing, but January came and went. Then I thought I would unveil something new in honor of the one year anniversary in March. That obviously didn't happen, so I've decided to just unveil some changes little by little. Ten points if you spot the first new addition!

1 comment:

  1. i Spy! you added the recommendation function!
    P.S.- i had no idea about the IKEA throw-ups...when did those happen? i think you may need to try making a swedish meatball recipe for the blog, to round out the shopping/car/book/ thread...



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