Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silly Miss Millie

Millie's been bugging me to write a guest post for the blog. I finally gave in.

Hi, it's me, Millie. My human is always taking lots of pictures of me. I'm not sure why. Sometimes I don't feel like posing, so I just stick my tongue out at her.

Don't my back teeth look nice and clean in this picture? Those dental chews must really work. (They're pretty yummy, too.)

Sometimes I get so tired, I just have to take a snooze. Not that often, though. Only about twenty times a day.

I like to sleep on my back just in case someone passing by wants to rub my tummy. I wouldn't want to miss out on any belly rubs just because I'm napping.

I really wanted to go into this pet store, but it was closed.

I can't wait to meet the dog who left these paw prints. I love big dogs!

So there you have it- Millie's take on what she's been up to lately.

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