Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fancies

Today I'm doing a guest post for my friend Sadie, who is one half of the blog Frosting and Filigree. You can find me over here, talking about some summer reading ideas. (And consider yourself warned: while you're there you just might see some recipes that will put you in the mood to bake something.)

(image via here)

Here are some other noteworthy finds from the week:

Some cool floral arrangements by artist Diana Scherer, who sculpts plants' roots into the shapes of vases.

Speaking of vases, I'd love to put big hydrangea blossoms in these.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge lists every book that Rory mentioned or read during the course of the show.

These texts from Jane Eyre made me chuckle.

And I've been loving the photography on this blog lately (including a group of engagement photos that were shot around Hoboken!).


  1. Just read the blog post and loved it. Great selections for summer reading. I loved "The Rules of Civility."

  2. The texts from Jane Eyre are hilarious, I had a good chuckle.



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